Primal Connections

The Ties That Bind

Sep 27 to Dec 31, 2019

About Primal Connections

Visual art is one of the oldest and most primal ways for human beings to connect with each other. This it has in common with kink. The search for connection – the need to understand and be understood – weaves like a thread through both artforms. In this exhibition we seek to bring that connection into focus.

Through painting, illustration, sculpture, and craft, each of the artists represented in this exhibition offers their unique perspectives on this fascinating intersection of the primal and the sublime aspects of human nature.

Take this journey with us at the Opening Reception for “PRIMAL CONNECTIONS: The Ties That Bind”


– Dan Kiselev
– Jenée Harrison
– Moxie Saturday
– Ryan Donovan


– Jay Lubes
– Rob Potter
– DJ Ha

As always, original pieces by PVAG Resident Artists are also on display, and for sale, throughout the gallery. Additionally, there are prints of many of these works available for purchase.

We also have our ever changing variety of Jewelry and Accessories by our Resident Visionary Artisans available. Check out our display cases and the surrounding areas, as well as our front window, and don’t hesitate to ask to try something on!