Who We Are

We are an Art Gallery unlike any other. Showcasing the very best talent above and below ground in the realm of Visionary Arts. Paintings, Crafts, Jewelry and Prints are among our numerous artistic offerings. Many of our Artists are local and we intend to spotlight this great talent that exists in Philadelphia. We host events supporting Cultural Causes and Ideas that interest us, in addition to Gift Markets, Pop-Up Craft Shops, and Fun Gatherings.

We do not follow trends, we set them.

What is

Visionary Art?

Visionary Art, to us, is Art that pushes the boundaries of perception. Visionary Art is like a lens to see reality from a different perspective or a portal to another place entirely. Light has frequency and, as we perceive the world around us, the frequency of that light envelopes us like music with a sound wave. Art is a collection of light and color in a specific arrangement creating a unique frequency. When you are viewing art, you are tuning into this frequency. In quantum mechanics there are particles that exist in our reality only when observed. If viewing reality incarnates its existence, what happens when one views art?

Visionary Art serves to express and illuminate the human experience in both a realistic and metaphysical sense. The drive to create this Art is a brought forth from a higher calling to express aspects of life normally hidden from view. True Art in the purest sense of the word.

Come visit the Philadelphia Visionary Arts Gallery and see for yourself!