Martyrs on the Cross of Public Opinion

Jan 24 to Feb 20, 2020

About Controversy

What isn’t controversial these days?

Controversial figures are everywhere and people are more polarized than they have ever been before.
Politics. Human Rights. Identity. War. Love.
What is right? What is wrong? Everything is Perception.

One thing is certain: regardless of your beliefs, standing up for what you believe in and speaking your mind are becoming increasingly rebellious (and sometimes even dangerous) acts.
Censorship is everywhere, and the road to enlightenment is often confusing and full of pitfalls. Are we making the right decisions in our journey?

At PVAG, we believe that Art is the perfect lens from which to view controversial themes like these. At this exhibition, we aim to shine a light on some of the polemic topics coursing through our current culture. Furthermore, we celebrate those who are brave enough to stand up speak their minds – even when it has cost them much to do so.

This show will include original artworks by:

— Dan Kiselev
— _space_bones
— more TBA

Musical entertainment provided by:


We have reached out to some prominent figures to be involved in this show to be keenly connected with the subject matter at hand.

As always, original pieces by some of our Resident Artists will be available for viewing and purchase at this event. Come talk to any gallery representative if you see something that interests you!
Don’t forget about our wide selection of jewelry, accessories, and collectibles that are also always available. Gallery staff is happy to help you try anything on, just ask!

This exhibition is an open discussion about the state of our world today, and our collective and personal reactions to it.
Leave your bias at the door and push out of your comfort zone.

Please Join us on the 4th Friday in January for a look into the truly Controversial.